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Watch NoteBlocks in Action

Watch NoteBlocks in Action

yhst-95915408686592-2199-2001800.gifNoteBlocks are the “math blocks” of music. . This is a visual and tactile manipulative rather like a three dimensional note Pyramid that you can manipulate to create rhythms. Stacking to height is the secret to making this such an easily used product. The physical manipulative properties make it very difficult to described in words but once you see the NoteBlocks in use, the principals explain themselves. There is a video on the notelogic.com website that shows the product very well though it doesn’t get into the depths of how really intuitive the NoteBlocks are. NoteBlocks work so well that NoteLogic has been able to develop a product called NoteWorks designed to enable the home-school parent or other adult (even if they have had no musical experience) to teach music reading to themselves and their students just by following the easy to use text/activity book. The one ingredient that makes such a previously difficult task possible is NoteBlocks. It takes the mystery out of reading music.


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Blocks book


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